What Are Your Starting and Ending Points?
Enter an Address, Intersection or Place for each. Below are some examples of the ways to fill in the boxes:

When Would You Like To Go?
Enter the day and time you like to leave after or arrive by. The Journey Planner defaults to the current day and time.

If you know your earliest departure time, choose LEAVE AFTER and enter the departure time.

If you know your latest arrival time, choose ARRIVE BY and enter an arrival time. The selected journeys will arrive no later than that time.

Choosing FIRST FOR THE DAY will find the first journey of the day. Choosing LAST FOR THE DAY will find the last journey of the day.

Choose your transport preference
The Journey Planner will normally search for a route that uses ANY service, but if you prefer, you can choose to travel only by BUS or TRAIN or FERRY.

Hit the continue button to go on to the next screen of the journey planner.