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There is currently a project underway to number all bus stops in the Auckland region. The purpose of the project is to
  • Make it easier for people to access public transport information at the stop
  • Increase the accuracy of information
  • Reduce ambiguity and the need to have knowledge of the area
  • Give the customer confidence that they are at the right stop on a road or street where there are multiple stops.

The bus stop number can be used through phoning Rideline, using the Journey Planner on the Rideline website and through the Rideline to mobile functions (text messaging and WAP).

When making a journey plan through a phone call or using the online journey planner you can get the number of the bus stop that you will be using and therefore have the confidence that you are waiting at the correct stop. If you are waiting at a stop (or know the number of the stop that you are going to use) you can quote this number to find out which services use that stop. By using the bus stop number in the Rideline to mobile services, you can get a list of the next few services using that stop.

The project is under way in the Manukau City area so you will now see numbers appearing at most stops in this area. These will all be operational through the Ridelline call centre by mid February, closely follwed by the Rideline website Journey Planner and the wap and text messaging options.

For more background on this project, click here to see the agenda items for the Passenger Transport Committee from November 6. Bus Stop Numbering agenda item is C.6.

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