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Cycling to work, school or for leisure is an easy way to save money, avoid traffic congestion, get fit and have fun. To help you find your way around, you can use the following Regional Cycle Maps –

Cycle map North and West
Cycle map South and East

These maps indicate where all the following features are in the region –

  • Bus lanes (these can also be used by cyclists)
  • On road cycle lanes
  • Off-road sealed paths for cyclists
  • Off-road unsealed paths for cyclists
  • Shared footpaths, for cyclists to share with pedestrians

The maps also show where proposed routes are for future development – in these locations, funding is already committed to build cycle routes, and these will be built in the coming months.

Some ‘popular routes’ are shown – these are routes that are widely used by experienced training cyclists and/or cycle tourists. Some of these can be quite challenging – we recommend a good level of cycle competence before trying out some of these routes. However, they can be some of the best ways to get out and enjoy the region.

All train stations and major bus stations are indicated on the maps – many of these have dedicated cycle facilities, and cycles can be taken on trains (except during peak times). Why not take your bike on a train ride and check out a part of the region you don’t yet know? Don’t forget your picnic, plenty of water, and some sun-block.

For a few tips and tricks on how to cycle safely around town, check out our new Cycle Guide.

You can order paper copies of all these resources from the timetable order and download page.

For information about taking your bike with you on public transport (trains and ferries), check out the information here:

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