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Train Delay Txt Messaging Service
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Did you know that you can receive free information about significant train delays on your mobile phone?

You can select the time of day and train line you would like to receive information for - for an Acrobat PDF document (578kb) with details of codes, see here.

Simply make your choice for the line, the times of day you require and note the relevant three-letter code e.g. SMO for morning off-peak on the Southern Line.

To Join

Text JOIN [code] to 5995 e.g. JOIN SMO to join morning offpeak on the Southern Line.

Note: There needs to be a space between the word JOIN and the code e.g. JOIN SMO.

Follow this process for each service you want to join - you can join up to five different services.

Each service costs 20c to join. You will only receive txt messages announcing significant delays for the line and times you select.

To Quit

Text QUIT [code] to 5995 e.g. QUIT SMO to quit the morning off-peak on the Southern Line. Each service costs 20c to quit.

Please note: There needs to be a space between the word QUIT and the code e.g. QUIT SMO.

Or, to quit from all codes simply text QUIT to 5995.

It will only cost you 20c to quit all codes. You will no longer receive any messages. For more information on this service phone MAXX on 366 6400.

Further Information

Customers travelling to/from stations between Westfield and Papakura need to join both the Southern and Eastern Line codes.

Messages are only sent for train delays of 10 minutes or more.

Time ranges refer to the departure time of the service from its origin.

Receipt of text messages is free and is dependent on telecommunications network availability.

This texting service is available on all mobile networks (021, 025, 027 and 029).

Please do not send feedback text messages to this number - they will not receive a response. All feedback should be directed to the MAXX Contact Centre on (09) 366 6400.

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