I know my route number...
This option gives departure information only
You send the bus, train or ferry routes you want to know about…

We reply with a list of when and where these services are leaving.

87 refers to all the routes starting with the first two digits 87, e.g. 875, 877, 879, etc.

Hint: Save this message in your phone to keep this mini timetable.

Specify the leaving time
Supply a leaving time after the route list.

These time formats all work:
805a 8:05am 8:05 5p 5pm (Do not use 8.05)

Specify the direction
Put ‘at place’ in your message to control the bus starting position. You don't have to type the whole place but it helps to ensure you get the information you want. In some cases the starting position has the same letter as the arrival.

Wanna catch a ferry or train?
Use these route codes:

BAYS – Bayswater
BIRK – Birkenhead
DEV – Devonport
SBAY – Stanley Bay
HMB – Half Moon Bay
GULF – Gulf Harbour
MTIA – Waiheke

STH – South via Newmarket & Ellerslie
SE – South via Panmure, Glen Innes & Orakei
WEST – West


A to B information – more details...
A txt msg has a maximum of 160 characters so there is a limit to the information that can be provided. You can get more travel options with fewer details, or more details and fewer options.

Be as specific as possible – preferably use street names and suburbs or intersections and suburbs. If you use the street option you must include st, rd, av, etc. and it is best to include a street number (numeric only).

Get more options with fewer details
Write your suburb or landmark or street name with suburb.

12 lake rd tpuna to auckland
Kelly Tarltons to 50 queen st akl
Shortland and Queen to Hwick

Check out our landmarks (significant buildings, schools, restaurant chains) through the Rideline Journey Planner. When you enter a journey start and destination you will see what landmarks are listed. We have over 1300 of them all up and they’re useful.

You can replace the word ‘to’ with one dot or two spaces.

12 lake rd tpuna.Auckland
12 lake rd tpuna__Auckland

Use 'name and name' for intersections:

shortland and queen to universal and lincoln

To get more details…
Put ‘from’ at the start of your message and we’ll txt you exactly where to go:

Get smarter – choose your time:
You can specify:
– a time to leave or arrive
– first or last service for the day

12 lake rd tpuna.auckland leave 2p

Or a time you need to be somewhere

12 lake rd tpuna.auckland arrive 9a
12 lake rd tpuna.auckland first
12 lake rd tpuna.auckland last

Make your own short codes
This is where it gets to be funky. After you have entered your detailed information once, Rideline will send back short codes with the result.

Tpuna(=TAK) to Auckland(=AUC)

These codes are unique to the journey requested and to your mobile number. If you want to request the same journey again you can use those codes.

Or: you can jump on the Rideline website and change the codes to whatever you want,

To do this you need to LOGIN on this site using your mobile number and a PIN. You can only change your codes on the website, not directly on your mobile. To get your own PIN txt 3666 with the msg ‘PIN’. If you lose your PIN txt with the msg ‘clear’ and then send the request for a new PIN.

Once you’re logged in you can rename the short codes that Rideline sent to your mobile. Remember, they’re unique to your mobile so don’t use the codes on someone else’s mobile!