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Bus Precinct Map (Bus Stop Locations) Acrobat PDF document (533kb)

New Train Timetables

Auckland�s vision for public transport is a rapid transit network that integrates reliable bus, train and ferry travel as well as safe cycle ways and walk ways. The Britomart Transport Centre is the first step towards achieving that vision, providing a central �hub� where you can access buses, trains and ferries as well as public transport information in a safe and secure environment.

This page will provide a link to information related to the Britomart Transport Centre. Whether you want to find out where in the precinct your bus departs from, when your train departs or just a bit about the history of the project, you can link to it from here.

Britomart Station Open, Monday July 7
Britomart Station opened for business as planned on Monday July 7.

For pictures of a couple of the first trains into Britomart, Click here.

Public Transport Services
The opening of the Britomart Transport Centre will mean changes for most train users and many bus users travelling to and from the CBD.

If you catch buses to and from West Auckland, East Auckland, Eastern Bays, South Auckland and Western Bays (via Queen Street), there will be changes to your arrival and departure point in the CBD.
Click here for an Acrobat PDF (533kb)document outlining all of the changes, including a map of the new departure points around Britomart.

All trains running into Central Auckland now use Britomart.
Click here for links to the train timetables.

Train information is also available through the Journey Planner.

Britomart Transport Centre
The building of the Britomart Transport Centre, along with all the associated road works and streetscaping work has been the responsibility of the Auckland City Council.

Click here to go to the Auckland City Council's webpage on the Britomart project.

Have Your Say
There are forums on this website for you to express your views and ask your questions.

For topics related to public transport in Auckland, go to the Auckland Public Transport Forum

If there is something you feel is missing from this page, or for other general feedback, go to the Rideline Website Forum.

This page updated 23 December, 2003

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