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Fare Payment and Information
Generally, all forms of public transport in the Auckland Region require a fare to be paid at the time of boarding.

The cost of providing a significant proportion of public transport services in Auckland is covered completely by fares collected, these services are typically Monday to Friday daytime services. The Auckland Regional Council assists with the provision of public transport services by contracting out (through a competitive tender process) those services where fare revenue alone does not cover costs, typically nights and weekends.

Whatever the time of day, or day of the week, one-way fares charged to customers are generally guided by the Auckland Regional Council controlled maximum fare schedule.

All buses accept cash for payment of fares. Exact change is appreciated but small notes can usually be accepted, and change given.

Most cash fares are charged on the distance you wish to travel. ‘Stage points’ are used in Auckland to calculate the distance to be charged. (Stage points are often called sections, stages or sometimes zones in other cities). Stage points are set at specific points along a route, approximately every four kilometres, often at a point of interest such as a local shopping centre.

If your journey travels through a stage point then the fare increases. For instance if you were to make a journey from Central Auckland City to Manukau City you pass through stage points at Newmarket, the Harp of Erin, Otahuhu and Hunters Corner. Therefore the total number of stages travelled is five.

Concessionary Fares
Child fares are available to Auckland residents aged 5 to 19 who are attending school. Students aged 16 to 19, who are not wearing a recognised school uniform, must show the bus driver a valid school ID card to obtain a child fare.

Senior Citizen fares are available to Auckland Residents aged 65 and over. To obtain this fare on the bus a valid Auckland Regional Council Senior Citizens card must be presented to the driver when requesting /paying the fare. Senior Citizen fares are not available before 9am on weekdays. Please click here for details.

Tertiary Student concession fares are available. Click here for details.

Other concessionary fares.
Child fares are available to all qualifying people with an Intellectual Disability. Blind passengers may obtain a Senior Citizens fare. Special ID cards are required to obtain these fares. Please phone the rideline call centre on 366 6400 for details.

Auckland Discovery Pass
There is now a new integrated pass that will allow you to travel around most of the region on buses, trains and ferries on a single ticket. This comes as both a day pass and a monthly pass.

Day Pass: For details on where you can travel, on which services and how much it will cost, click here for an Acrobat PDF document (14kb).

Monthly Pass: For details on where you can travel, on which services and how much it will cost, click here for an Acrobat PDF document (345kb)

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Auckland Discovery Day Pass
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