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Who is eligible?
Any student who:

- is enrolled at an institution defined as a Tertiary Institution or registered as a Private Training Establishment, pursuant to the Education Amendment Act 1989/60; and

- is enrolled for an accredited and approved full-time tertiary course which consists of a minimum of 0.8 Equivalent Full Time Students Funding System points when enrolled for a full year, of 04.4 Equivalent Full Time Students Funding System points when enrolled for one semester only; and

- has a fees receipt or certificate issued by the tertiary institution verifying eligibility in terms of the above criteria

- Training Opportunities Programmes students are not eligible for the scheme.

How much is the concession?
Please check the relevant fare schedules for the tertiary ticket prices

What tickets are available?
Multi ride tickets ONLY. These are sold in multiples of ten rides. For most transport operators you will be required to buy an electronic card to load these on although Birkenhead Transport and the trains still have cardboard cards.

Where can I buy student tickets?
Please see the list of Tertiary Ticket Stockists for details on where to buy your tertiary ticket.

When is the reduced fare available?
At all times from the issue of the Student ID card until the expiry date printed on the card.

What services is the fare available on?
Available on services cotracted to the Auckland Regional Council and on commercial services where there is a Concessionary Fare Scheme agreement between the operator and the Auckland Regional Council

What ID is required?
An approved identification card (ID) recording the following:

· Name of Student

· Photograph of Student

· Identity number

· Name of Educational Institution · Expiry Date

Who may issue the card?
The educational institution will issue the ID card. The Students Association of the institution must give a written undertaking to abide by the rules of the scheme.

e cost of producing the ID must be paid by the student or by the education institution.

What must I present in order to purchase the multi ride ticket?
The fees receipt or certificate of eligibility and the student ID card, must be presented when purchasing a ticket. Only student who are eligible for the concession may purchase a ticket.

Must I present the ID card to use the reduced fare?
Yes. The ID must be shown to the driver when boarding the vehicle.

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