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With the Britomart Transport Centre nearing completion, the revised timetable for the rail network is now available.

Effective as of June 9, the new timetable includes the first of the gradual changes and improvements to rail services aimed at increasing the frequency of services and providing some additional capacity.

Key points to note relating to the new timetable are:
Trains will depart the CBD later in the evening - until 8pm Monday to Saturday - allowing greater flexibility for passenger travel times (currently services cease around 6.30pm).
Pukekohe travellers will have additional services in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, plus an early morning service.
There will be earlier trains on the Eastern line, running half hourly from 6am (regular morning services currently start at 7.15am).
All other services will find their timetable slightly altered to take into account the additional running time to and from Britomart Station.

From June 9 until the opening of Britomart, the new timetable will operate across all lines with trains continuing to arrive at and depart from Beach Road station as they do now.

Please note: There are some trips shaded in black on the timetable, those which will continue to use the Beach Rd station. These will be commencing on July 7. From this date, the current station will be known as The Strand as access to the station will be via The Strand, not Beach Rd.

Click on the links below to see Acrobat PDF documents containing the new timetables.

Eastern Line Train Timetable

Southern Line Train Timetable

Western Line Train Timetable
These new services are now available through the Journey Planner and Timetable pages.

This page updated June 20, 2003

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