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Individuals participating in this online Rideline Forum are asked to follow these guidelines:

1) State your full name, first and last.

2) List the suburb in the North Shore or Hibiscus Coast where you live.

3) Stay focused on issues related to the bus services on the North Shore or Hibiscus Coast.

4) Post only your own messages, and do not post attachments or forward others' email for posting on the Forum.

5) Express your opinions and ideas in a respectful, non-offensive manner and avoid language that may be interpreted as defamatory, threatening, discriminatory, hateful, vulgar or obscene. Postings that violate any guideline will be removed from the Forum.

To help maintain decorum and promote an environment conducive to constructive dialogue, we ask participants to support opinions with facts and examples, and be as specific as possible, remaining focused on public transport issues in the North Shore or Hibiscus Coast area.

The Forum is intended to facilitate discussions about the current review of bus services on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast. Ultimately, we hope that all participants and the Council will find value in the ongoing dialogue posted here.

The Council reserves the right to suspend or discontinue this online Forum without notice.

What is the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast Bus Services Sector Review?
Every 4-5 years, The Auckland Regional Council as the planners and funders of the region�s public transport services, are required to undertake a statutory review of the services.

The North sector is currently under review and we aim to provide users of public transport on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast, with a bus system that takes people where they want to go, when they want to go there. The current review is especially significant as services are being designed in line with the opening of the new Bus Rapid Transit System or �The Busway�.

So - we want to hear from you. Let us know what you think about using buses: what would make your journey�s easier, more convenient and more comfortable?; where do you need to travel to around the Shore?; what ideas do you have for new services?

We�ll be engaging in public consultation for the rest of 2002. This will take many shapes and forms � from formal market research, through to visiting community board meetings, shopping centre roadshows and mailing the draft plans to all residents of the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast.

Once all the feedback is gathered and considered, a final draft plan will be developed and approved, before the tender process to bus operators commences. We expect the first of the new and amended services to be implemented by October 2003 with more coming on board through to 2005 in conjunction with the Busway opening.

Forum Purpose
The North Shore and Hibiscus Coast Bus Service Sector Review Forum has been created to provide an online opportunity for North Shore residents to voice their comments, raise public policy issues, offer criticism and support, share thoughts and information, and debate urban development issues in relation to the current review of the sector.

This online Forum on public transport is open to everyone. We hope to draw participation from as many people as possible, representing and reflecting the North Shore community. We want to hear a wealth of ideas and passionate arguments on all sides of the public transport issues discussed here.

The objective of this Forum is for the ARC to gather more information to feed into the review, as part of the public consultation process. Comments posted on the Forum will be fed back into route / service planning.

The Forum is not intended to be a question and answer to the ARC. However, if official comment is warranted, the ARC will respond on the site.

An example of a useful posting from a resident may be:

�I travel from my home in Devonport to my workplace in Albany daily. I would like to be able to travel by bus but there doesn�t appear to be a direct service. My 19 year old son also travels to Albany daily to attend Massey University. Extra and more direct services for this journey would encourage us to use public transport more readily.�

As the consultation process unfolds, the ARC may post some questions and issues on the forum to seek specific feedback to assist with refinements to the route and service planing.

Forum Manager
For comments and questions about the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast Bus Service Sector Review Forum, contact the Forum Manager: Jo Wilson, Auckland Regional Council, Vodafone House, 21 Pitt Street, Private Bag 92 012, Auckland. email: [email protected] telephone 09 366 2000 x8393.

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