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Frequently Asked Questions

The MAXX Forum FAQ

How do I register?
Do I have to register?
Can I change my password?
Can I change my username?
I lost my username and password, HELP!
Can I remove these ICQ Images?
Can I make my email or ICQ number annonymous?
My lightbulbs are messed up, can I reset my cookies?
Can I erase the username and password that is in this computer?
How do I make the smiley faces?
Is HTML Allowed in messages?
How do I edit my own posts?
Can I attach a file to my message?
How do I add a signature to my posts?
Can I be notified when someone replied to my message?
What if a forum rule has been broken, what should I do?

Register Registration on the forum is free and we highly encourage you to register. The registration process is simple and only takes about two minutes. Once you get a username and password, you are ready to post! Click either on the icon at the top of the page or the Text link at the bottom to register at any time.

Register Of course you don't have to register, but if you would like to post, you will need to do so. Registration is free and easy. Register now!

Modify Profile Upon registration a 'random password' will be mailed to your email address to verify the email address you provide is valid. You are free at that point to change your password to something you can remember easier.

Modify Profile The forum does not allow you to change the username yourself, although you might want to email the administrator as they have the ability to do so. You might have to sweet talk them though.

If you have lost your password, there is an option on the 'Post New Thread' page for you to retrive your password. If you have either your username or email address that you registered with, we can retrieve your password for you.

Some of you will not have ICQ installed, or might have a slower Internet connection and not want to see the ICQ Images from the actual thread displays by going into and Modify your Profile and select the option to "Do not see other people's ICQ numbers".

You can hide both your email address or your ICQ number from the public if you wish. Go into and Modify your Profile and select the option to 'Hide your ICQ number' and 'Hide your Email address from the public'.

Yes, cookies are used in this software and if you selected, it stored your username and password for you to prevent you having to retype it over and over again. If you would like to delete the cookie from your system, go into the Modify Profile page and select the option to Remove All Cookies. This should get you free and clear of any problems you were having with cookies.

To make the smiley faces, in your posts, you need to simply type the following:
:) -=or=- :( in the message body of your text.

Some forum administrators allow HTML while others do not. When you are posting a new message, on the left side of the message body, you will see whether you can post HTML or not. Regardless, you still have the option to use CFB Code. You can learn this by following the link adjacent to it. View the CFB Code here.

Once you find the post you would actually like to edit, click on the icon that allows you to modify your posts. You of course need to be the authorized originator of the message to edit it. Once this is verified, you can do what you want to the post.

File attachments are not allowed to this forum at this time. We encourage you to place a link to a remote file if needed.

It is very easy to use your own signature. When you are editting your profile, there was an option to enter in your 'Signature'. You will need to do this here. Also, when you are posting messages, be sure you check the box that says "Use Signature'.

When you post a message, check the box 'Notify me if someone replies to my own post'. Once someone replies, the forum will automatically send an email to the originator letting him know his message was replied to.

If you feel that any of the forum rules have been broken, please contact one of the Administrators on this forum. We will gladly take action to resolve any open issues.

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