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Individuals participating in the online Forum are asked to follow these guidelines:

1) State your full name, first and last.

2) List the suburb where you live.

3) Stay focused on issues related to the public transport in the Auckland region.

4) Post only your own messages, and do not post attachments or forward others' email for posting on the Forum.

5) Express your opinions and ideas in a respectful, non-offensive manner and avoid language that may be interpreted as defamatory, threatening, discriminatory, hateful, vulgar or obscene. Postings that violate any law will be removed from the Forum.

The Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA)provides this Forum to facilitate discussions about the public transport in the Auckland region. ARTA reserves the right to suspend or discontinue this online Forum without notice.

Forum Purpose
The Auckland Public Transport Forum was created to provide an online opportunity for concerned citizens to voice their comments, raise public policy issues, share thoughts and information, and debate urban development issues.

The Auckland Public Transport Forum is open to everyone. We hope to draw participation from as many people as possible, representing and reflecting the diverse community in which we live.

We expect to hear a wealth of ideas and passionate arguments on all sides of the public transport issues discussed here. To help maintain decorum and promote an environment conducive to constructive dialogue, we ask participants to be as clear, courteous and succinct as possible. Support your opinions with facts and examples, and be as specific as possible. But stay focused on public transport issues.

ARTA staff will review this site, and may participate as warranted. But participants who expect the answer to a specific question should direct their inquiry to ARTA directly on 379 4422.

Forum Administration
Forum postings are not previewed or edited. All participants are solely responsible for the form and content of their own messages, including the veracity of facts and all information contained in their messages. The opinions and comments posted on the Forum by participants do not reflect those of ARTA. The mere posting of a participant message or the availability of a participant message through the Forum does not indicate ARTA endorses or supports any participant message, or that ARTA attests to the accuracy of any participant message. Readers should consider the source of information posted on the Forum and weigh the accuracy and usefulness of the information accordingly. If ARTA becomes aware of any posted material that violates any law, ARTA reserves the right to remove such material without prior notice.

Forum Manager
For comments and questions about the Rideline Forum, contact the Forum manager: email: [email protected].

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