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Welcome to Rideline to Mobile
Find out when to catch your next bus, train or ferry around the Auckland region by text messaging Rideline from your mobile phone.

The Auckland Regional Council's Rideline to Mobile services are now available. You can trial the text messaging and WAP services on this website.

If you luv 2 txt (or want to practise for free)... head for the txt msg emulator where you can practise composing txt for Rideline on a free web version.

Learn the lingo then with your mobile phone you can plan your journeys on Auckland's public transport wherever you are. The cost for txt msgs is 30c a call, for WAP it's the cost of a regular phone call from your mobile.

We luv feedbk! Tell us wot's great, wot's not - e-mail the Rideline Webmaster.

2 txt send a msg to 3666

to WAP set up a bookmark: wap.rideline.co.nz

Go to the how to pages (top right of this page) and txt to Rideline now! Once you have been issued with a PIN you can log in and change your codes.

To get a PIN txt 3666 with the msg PIN and we will issue you with a PIN.

Just Arrived - Train Delay Text Messaging Service
Now you can receive free information about significant train delays on your mobile phone.

Simply make your choice for the line and the times of day you require and text these details to us.

For further infomration on the number to text and how to receive the information you require, click here.

How To Txt Msg
Txt Msg Emulator
How To Wap
WAP Emulator

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