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Suggested changes to bus routes and services are summarised below. They are subject to budget constraints and may alter following your feedback. (Interpeak hours are between busy commuting periods).

Glen Innes/Remuera
 Extend the Glen Innes-Auckland CBD service (Route 625) to cover Tamaki Campus and increase frequency from 11 to 7/8 minutes in the peak.
 Extend the Glen Innes-Auckland CBD service (Route 635) to cover old Mt Wellington Quarry and increase frequency from hourly to half-hourly.
 Delete the Orakei Road-Auckland CBD service (Route 615) and combine all Upland Road services (Routes 60-) to an Upland Road-Midtown service (Route 606).
 Shorten the operating hours of the Remuera-Auckland CBD service (Route 703) with last departure at 7.00 p.m. from Downtown. Glen Innes/Tamaki Drive
 Extend the Otahuhu-Auckland CBD service (Route 717) to cover Tamaki Campus, and increase frequency to a half-hourly service. (Also refer to Mt Wellington services)
 Expand the Panmure-Auckland CBD service (Route 746) to cover Tamaki Campus, with services every 15 minutes at peak and 30 minutes interpeak.
 Increase frequency of St Heliers-Auckland CBD services (Routes 767 and 769) to 15 minutes at peak.
Mt Wellington
 Improve Mt Wellington peak service frequency from 12 to 7/8 minutes. Increase frequency of Panama Road and Boakes Road corridor and Panama Road and Mt Wellington Highway corridor services to 15 minutes during peak and 20 minutes interpeak.
 Increase the Otahuhu-Auckland CBD services (Routes 717 and 757) from an hourly to half-hourly service.
 Replace Route 500 with a new Route 500 between Sylvia Park and Glen Innes serving Sylvia Park Industrial area, Penrose, old Mt Wellington Quarry, Tamaki Campus and Glen Innes shops.
Howick & Pakuranga
 Increase CBD express services via the waterfront to every half hour up to 7.00 p.m. with all services routed through Tamaki Campus.  Introduce a new half-hourly Route 67 service between Richmond Park and Ellerslie serving Botany Town Centre, Ti Rakau Drive, Panmure, Tamaki Campus, Abbots Way and Ellerslie.
 Increase the Cockle Bay School-Auckland CBD services (Routes 50 and 51) from 10 to 15 minutes during the peak and 15 minutes interpeak.
 Change the Dannemora-Half Moon Bay ferry feeder to a two-way loop service between Dannemora, Howick, Half Moon Bay, Farm Cove, Pakuranga Heights and Ti Rakau Drive.
 Replace the Highland Park-Plaza service (Route 57) with a new half-hourly Bucklands Beach-Papatoetoe service (Route 57). This new service also replaces the Bucklands Beach-Botany Town Centre service (Route 59).
 Introduce a new hourly cross-town Route 62 between Botany Downs and Royal Oak, serving Dannemora, Waipuna Rd, Mt Wellington, Ellerslie, Greenlane Hospital, Greenwoods Corner and Royal Oak.
 Improve Manukau Cross Town services (Routes 562-569) with all routes serving Botany Town Centre and running half-hourly during the interpeak.
 Extend the Botany Town Centre-Manukau City Centre service (Route 66) to cover Homai, Manukau Super Clinic, Hill Road, the Botanic Gardens and Southmall.
 Align the Botany Downs-Auckland CBD service (Route 68) operating times with the Pakuranga Highway main bus services and increase to every 15 minutes. This service replaces the existing Dannemora-Pakuranga Plaza service.
 Replace the Bucklands Beach-Half Moon Bay ferry feeder service with a Bucklands Beach-Auckland CBD service (Route 52).
Mangere & Onehunga
 Increase Manukau Road services (Routes 30-, 31-) to every 4 minutes during the peak and 7/8 minutes during interpeak.
 Introduce a new half-hourly service (Route 329) between Auckland Airport and Lynfield, serving Ascot Park, Onehunga, Hillsborough and Waikowhai.
 Increase the Manukau-based service from 15 to 10 minutes.
 Delete Routes 482, 483 and 484 and incorporate them into the main Otara-Auckland CBD services (Route 486X) via the East Tamaki industrial area.
 Extend the Manukau Circle (Routes 443 and 444) further from Richmond Park to cover the East Tamaki industrial area.
 Increase Bader Drive services (Routes 34-, 35-) from half-hourly to 15 minutes at peak times, and delete Route 351
 Increase Massey Road services (Routes 32-, 33-) from half-hourly to 15 minutes at peak times.
 Increase Middlemore services (Routes 32-) from hourly to half-hourly at peak times.
 Extend the Wattle Downs-Manukau City Centre service (Route 74) to cover weekend shopping hours.
 Introduce an on-demand service (Route 460) between the Glenora Centre and Hingaia Peninsula when they are developed.
 Extend the Botany Town Centre-Manukau City Centre service (Route 66) to cover Homai, Manukau Super Clinic, Hill Road, the Botanic Gardens and Southmall.
 Cancel the under-used Opaheke Loop service (Route 468).
 Increase Papakura to Auckland CBD motorway peak express services (Routes 47-) from 12 to 7/8 minutes.

Likely bus and rail connections from around 2006
We are working on improving rail services, including running trains more often and providing more buses to rail stations (interchange). The following bus route changes would complement those improvements but are dependent on funding being made available.

Panmure All Howick, Bucklands Beach and Panmure services will run through the bus/rail interchange. The bus/rail interchange will include some Mt Wellington services. A new feeder service will connect Tamaki Campus and old Mt Wellington Quarry with the station.
Otahuhu All Mangere and Papatoetoe services will run through the new bus/rail interchange. Selected bus routes from Great South Road will also serve the interchange. A new feeder service from the Panama Road area when introduced will replace the Seaside Park service.
Manukau Services currently running through the city centre will cover the bus/rail interchange. New feeder services from Wiri/Airport will be introduced.
Manurewa All local bus services (Weymouth, Clendon, Wattle Downs, Manurewa East, Hill Road) will run through the bus/rail interchange. Bus services from Papakura will continue to serve Southmall stops.
Papakura Bus services (Routes 47-) will continue to serve the interchange. Route 460 (Glenora Centre-Hingaia Peninsula) will go to the station. Peak motorway expresses will continue to run at pre-2006 level excepting trips starting from Papakura.
Other stations Local bus services to rail stations will be reassessed as more train services are provided. We will assess the need for local bus feeder services to the other stations on the line.

Have Your Say
So - we want to hear which of the proposed routes you would use or currently use and what things you like or dislike about the proposed changes - remembering we may not be able to afford all of the proposed changes.

If you would like to post feedback on the South (Manukau) and East Auckland Bus Service Review Forum, click here.

We�ll be engaging in public consultation during February and early March 2003. We�re mailing information about the service proposals to households in the areas where changes will happen. When we have all the feedback, we�ll make changes to the plan. The new and amended services will be implemented in November 2003.

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