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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a regular traveller, can I get weekly or monthly tickets?
Yes, most operators use smart cards, a credit card sized plastic card with a memory chip. Once purchased they can be used for multi-journey, stored value or monthly tickets (services available vary between operators).

Is there a pass available which gives a person unlimited travel in Auckland?
Yes, Stagecoach have an ‘Auckland Pass’ which gives unlimited travel on all their bus services and also on the Devonport, Bayswater and Birkenhead Ferries. There is also a day pass for unlimited travel on suburban trains.

Please see the Tickets and Fares section for more details.

What is the difference between a ‘stage’ and a ‘zone’?
For cash fares and ten-ride tickets, Auckland is divided into 8 ‘stages’. For monthly tickets Auckland is divided into ‘zones’. Zones vary between service providers. Where monthly tickets are available, there is generally a choice of ‘all zone passes’ or less expensive ‘zone specific passes’ for travel within a zone.

What about concession fares for children & Students?
Children under 5 travel free. Children aged 5 to 15 travel for a child fare with a 40% discount off adult fares. Full-time high school students over the age of 15 can travel for the child fare but you must always show your school ID. Full-time tertiary students can buy multiride tickets at a discount from on-campus locations. You must show your student ID.

See the Tickets and Fares section for more details.

What about concession fares for Senior Citizens?
Senior Citizens with a Senior Citizen ID card can travel for a child fare at all times except before 9 am on weekdays. Please click here to find out if you are eligible for a senior citizen concession fare.

What timetable is used on Public Holidays?
A Sunday timetable is operated on all Public Holidays, except when Waitangi Day or Anzac Day fall on a Saturday. On these occasions, a Saturday timetable will apply.

There are no trains on Christmas Day or Good Friday. Trains run a Saturday timetable on public holidays unless Waitangi Day (6 February) or ANZAC Day (25 April) fall on a Sunday.

I have lost something on a bus, train or ferry. What can I do?
Contact the operator of the service that you were on.

If I find something on a bus, train or ferry, what should I do?
Hand it to the driver, conductor or crew member as soon as possible.

Can Rideline provide a Nationwide service?
No, Rideline at present only gives advice on Auckland area services.

Where can I get information on long distance train services, and or Cook Strait ferries?
Call Tranz Rail on 0800 802 802. Check out the link www.tranzrail.co.nz

Where can I get information on long distance buses and coaches?
Call Intercity on 913 6100. Check out the link www.intercitycoachlines.co.nz

I am a tourist in Auckland for a short time only. What would you recommend for me to see as much of the city as possible?
Take the LINK bus for a circular tour of the inner city area. A complete circuit takes about one hour and cost just $1.30. If you get off the bus and reboard you'll have to pay $1.30 again.

I wish to make a complaint or suggestion regarding public transport in Auckland. What do I do?
Call Rideline (366 6400) who will take down your complaint or suggestion and forward it on for you.

Or post your feedback on our public transport forum here

What is the difference between Cityline, Yellow Bus Co. and Stagecoach buses?
Stagecoach own both Cityline and the Yellow Buses so they are all the same company.

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