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Connex Auckland is taking over the day-to-day running of Auckland’s passenger rail service on August 22.
Are ticket types, fares, boundaries or timetables changing when Connex start operating the trains?
No. The visual look of the tickets is changing slightly, but everything else remains the same. There will be no change to ticket types, fares, fare boundaries or timetables when Connex commences operation.

Will my Tranz Metro monthly pass still be valid when Connex takes over?
Yes. Tranz Metro monthly passes will be valid until the end of August. After that you will receive a new look monthly ticket valid on Connex services.

I use a 10-trip ticket and just purchased a new Tranz Metro one recently. There are still trips left on it. Can I continue to use this ticket when Connex takes over?
Yes. When your trips are finished, the next 10-trip ticket you buy will be a new-look ticket valid on Connex services.

I don’t catch the train very often. Will my 10-trip ticket still be valid when I use the train in six month’s time?
Yes. All Tranz Metro 10-trip tickets will be valid until they are finished.

Where do I purchase tickets from?
Tickets can be purchased from the same locations as those used by Tranz Metro. Single trip, ten trip tickets and monthly passes can all be obtained on the train.

Will the tickets change?
The tickets will change in appearance, however all fares will remain the same when Connex commences operation.

Will the fare boundaries change?
Fare boundaries will not change.

What will change when Connex takes over?
Initially you will see very few changes, as the fares and train timetables will remain the same when Connex commences operation. However the appearance of your tickets will alter, and signs at stations and on board trains will be upgraded.

Will the staff wear a new uniform?
Yes. Staff will wear a new uniform with MAXX branding. Uniform pieces will also display the words ‘Connex staff’. MAXX is the Auckland regional transport brand, introduced by the ARC to integrate the various parts of the transport network, including timetables, information, infrastructure (stations) and services (trains).

Will the services be more reliable now Connex is in charge?
The ARC, Connex, and our transport partners are working step by step to improve passenger rail in Auckland. Several initiatives, including an upgrade of the region’s trains and stations, and the double tracking of the Western Line, will gradually improve the reliability and quality of the region’s passenger rail service.

Will Connex introduce extra services?
The ARC plans and develops passenger rail services, and will work with Connex in developing additional services as more trains are added to the region’s fleet, and general improvements are made to the rail network.

Who are Connex?
Connex is a global public transport company operating in 22 countries around the world. Connex carries over 1.5 billion passengers to their destinations every year. They have a reputation as ‘best practice’ operator around the world and will be drawing on these systems to develop the Auckland rail network.

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